Papang Lakey

 Papang Lakey

Layar Anak Nusantara
Papang Lakey, (Djafar) born in Jakarta Indonesia in 1977. Papang finished his bachelor’s study at STMT Trisakti, majoring in Air Transportation Management and finished in 1999. First working as a filmtraffic manager in JiFFest (Jakarta International Film Festival) in 2000. In the year of 2006, Papang joined with BLITZMEGAPLEX Cinema and film distribution company (JIVE Entertainment) for Indonesia region. Papang continued his career in CGV Cinema Indonesia (CBI Pictures) as a Part Leader of Programming and Distribution until the year of 2020.

Documentary Film "Aroma of Heaven" 2014 (Producer)

I Putu Yudhistira


Chendooll Imagination
I Putu Yudhistira, (Yudhis) born in Mataram Indonesia in 1978. Yudhis finished his bachelor’s study at Akademi Ilmu Statistik Jakarta in 1999 and FE Mataram University in 2009. Yudhis is a Government Employee  in Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) Provinsi NTB Indonesia. Yudhis  having a hobby watching movie since he was a little kid.

Short Film "Sepiring Bersama" 2018 (Producer) 

Short Film "The Vest" 2019 (Director) 

Short Film "JAMAL" 2020 (Producer)

Director & Writer


Chendooll Imagination
Muhammad Heri Fadli, (Heri) born in Central Lombok Indonesia in 1995. Heri finished his bachelor's study at the Islamic University of Indonesia, majoring in Creative Media Culture, he just finished his master degree University Technology Mara (UiTM) Malaysia, majoring in Visual Communication and New Media. Heri began his career as a filmmaker since 2013.

Short Film "Sepiring Bersama" 2018 (Writer, DoP, Director & Editor) 

Short Film "Buah Khuldi" 2019 (Writer, DoP, Director & Editor) 

Short Film "JAMAL" 2020 (Writer, Director & DoP)